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Table 1 Timeline of events with diagnostic tests and interventions

From: Evolution into Takayasu arteritis in a patient presenting with acute pulmonary oedema due to severe aortic regurgitation; a case report

Date of illness Events Diagnostic tests Interventions
18/10/2016 Onset of shortness of breath, cough   
21/10/2016 Admission   Supportive management of acute heart failure
22/10/2016   ESR- 114 mm/1st hour
CRP- 18 mg/l
Echocardiogram- severe aortic regurgitation
Emperical intravenous antibiotics
11/11/2016 Persistent aortic regurgitation, symptomatic improvement in heart failure Transoesophageal echo- no vegetation  
20/11/2016 Completion of antiobitics ESR- 102 mm/1st hour
Echocardiogram- severe aortic regurgitation
Evaluation for other aetiology
25/11/2016   CT aortogram and angiogram- normal Continued medical management of heart failure
27/10/2017 Detection of left subclavian bruit, blood pressure and pulse difference Digital subtraction angiogram- significant stenosis of first part of left subclavian and origin of left vertebral arteries Initiation of glucocorticoids