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Table 2 Key methods to assess fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

From: The extra-articular impacts of rheumatoid arthritis: moving towards holistic care

Measure Population Content Completion time (minutes) Scoring time (minutes)
Bristol RA
Fatigue Multi-Dimensional
Questionnaire (BRAF MDQ) [125]
Adults with RA 20 items cover domains of physical fatigue, living with fatigue, cognitive fatigue, and emotional fatigue. 5 3
Bristol RA
Fatigue Numerical Rating
Scales (BRAF NRS) For Severity,
Effect, And Coping [125]
Adults with RA 3 single-item numeric rating scales on fatigue severity, effect on patients’ lives, and coping with fatigue. 1 1
Fatigue Visual Analogue Scale [89] Any adult population Usually one horizontal line, measuring 10 cm, anchored with verbal descriptors such as “not at all tired” and “very tired”. < 1 < 1
Functional Assessment Chronic
Illness Therapy (Fatigue) (FACIT-F) [126]
Adults with chronic illness 13 items covering physical fatigue, functional fatigue, emotional fatigue, and social consequences of fatigue. 4 4
Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Fatigue [127] Adults with RA 15 items covering 4 dimensions of fatigue: severity, distress, interference in activities of daily living, and frequency and change during past week. 8 5
Short-Form 36 Vitality [124] Any adult population A 4-item scale covering energy and fatigue. 1 1