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Table 1 Example of search terms used for PsychInfo

From: Living life precariously with rheumatoid arthritis - a mega-ethnography of nine qualitative evidence syntheses

QES terms (“qualitative evidence synthesis”).ti,ab
(metasynthes* OR meta-synthes* OR “meta synthesis”).ti,ab
(metasummar* OR meta-summar* OR “meta summary”).ti,ab
(metastud* OR meta-stud* OR “meta study”).ti,ab
(metaethnog* OR meta-ethnog* OR “meta ethnography”).ti,ab
(“critical interpretive synthesis”).ti,ab
(“realist synthesis”).ti,ab
(“thematic synthesis”).ti,ab
(qualitative ADJ4 systematic*).ti,ab
(qualitative ADJ4 review).ti,ab
(qualitative ADJ4 synthes*).ti,ab
(noblit ADJ4 hare).ti,ab
Combined with exp PAIN/
Limits none