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Table 3 QES supporting each conceptual category

From: Living life precariously with rheumatoid arthritis - a mega-ethnography of nine qualitative evidence syntheses

Theme Campbell & colleagues 2011 [64] Daker-white, Donovan & Campbell 2014 [63] Fedderson& Colleagues 2017 [62] Hoving & colleagues 2013 [61] Hulen & colleagues 2016 [67] Kelly & colleagues 2017 [66] Lin & colleagues 2011 [65] Stack & colleagues 2011 [60] Stack & colleagues 2013 [59]
Rheumatoid arthritis is in control of my body X X   X X Studies explore experience of Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS)   X X
Rheumatoid arthritis alters reciprocity X X X X X    
Rheumatoid arthritis is an emotional challenge   X X X     X
The challenge of balancing roles    X X     
rheumatoid arthritis disrupts mx present and future self    X X X    
rheumatoid arthritis is variable and unpredictable X X X X     X
rheumatoid arthritis is invisible X X   X    X  
i am trying to make sense of what is happening X       X X
i need a positive experience of healthcare     X   X   
Reframing the situation is precarious X X    X X