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Table 2 Rotated factor pattern coefficients for variable solutions (25 items) of SCBS factors

From: Development and psychometric properties of a self-care behaviors scale (SCBS) among patients with rheumatoid arthritis

  In the past year, how often have you done regularly the following activities for your arthritis? (By ‘regularly’ we mean roughly once a month)  
Factors* F1* F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7
Sc-1 Exercised (including water exercise) .919       
Sc-6 Replaced higher-intense exercises with lower-intense options, in the case of having a mild pain after exercise −.905       
Sc-5 Stopped exercise when having severe joint pains after exercise −.891       
Sc-2 Exercised weekly with moderate intensity .850       
Sc-4 Balanced between rest and exercise periods, if needed −.841       
Sc-3 Exercised daily with moderate intensity .792       
Sc-21 Changed the dosage of your drugs or the time of taking them without informing your physician   .893      
Sc-19 Taken your drugs regularly and based on your prescription   .882      
Sc-20 Visited your physician regularly   .814      
Sc-18 Used relaxation methods such as meditation    .777     
Sc-17 Used methods to help control stress    .637     
Sc-27 Used larger joints instead of smaller joints (e.g. pushing in a table by the hip joint instead of wrist joint)    .619     
Sc-26 Taken supplements containing fish oil or omega-3 without consulting your physician    −.468     
Sc-13 Avoided certain foods     .742    
Sc-14 Used massage     .620    
Sc-12 Taken food supplements, vitamins, or eaten special foods    .327 .508    
Sc-9 Used joint protection, bracing, or splinting     .496   .369  
Sc-10 Rested      .734   
Sc-11 Adjusted your daily routine or work schedule    .307   .660   
Sc-16 Talked with persons who are sympathetic      .610   
Sc-7 Used a heated pool, tub, or shower       .696  
Sc-8 Applied heat to parts of your body       .675  
Sc-25 Used some facilities (like handles, armchair and so on) in toilet, bed room and bathroom to ease the processes of sitting down, standing up and walking.       .389  
Sc-23 Used substances, like opium, to control pain.        .803
Sc-22 Smoked cigarette or hookah        .737
  Initial Eigenvalues 5.51 2.68 2.56 1.36 1.24 1.18 1.07
Rotation sums of squares 4.71 2.47 2.02 1.88 1.69 1.56 1.26
Percent of variance explained 22.05 10.74 10.24 5.45 4.97 4.74 4.28
Cronbach α .533 .85 .66 .60 .67 .68 .29
ICC (95% CI) .75 (.72–.78) .84 (.81–.88) .86 (.82–.9) .83 (.79–.86) .81 (.78–.84) .89 (.86–.92) .91 (.89–.94)
  1. *F1 = Physical Activity; F2 = Medication; F3 = Stress Management/Others; F4 = Nutrition/Joints Protection; F5 = Management of Daily Activities; F6 = Pain Management; F7 = Tobacco/Opium Use; Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis.; Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization