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Table 1 Determination of HAQ-DI-dcrit in patients on stable therapy

From: Use of a “critical difference” statistical criterion improves the predictive utility of the Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index score in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

PopulationNStandard deviationPearson correlation coefficientStandard error measurementOne-sided HAQ-DI-dcrit
Total discovery cohort16450.730.860.390.641
Aged < 60 years at baseline9860.680.830.390.646
Aged ≥60 years at baseline6520.760.870.390.634
Baseline HAQ-DI < 16840.440.660.360.597
Baseline HAQ-DI ≥19140.700.830.410.673
  1. Abbreviations: HAQ-DI Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index, HAQ-DI-dcrit critical difference for change beyond random variation in the HAQ-DI (decrease ≥ 0.68 from baseline)