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Table 1 Predictors with attributed median weight and corresponding IQR

From: Expert consensus on relevant risk predictors for the occurrence of osteoporotic fractures in specific clinical subgroups – Delphi survey

Patient subgroupsPredictorMedianIQR
Secondary osteoporosis
 recent or multiple falls91
 aromatase inhibitors6.51
 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease6.52
 history of transplantation6.52.5
 decrease in BMD over the previous 2 years6.52.5
 androgen deprivation therapy (prostate cancer)6.52.5
 rheumatic diseases other than rheumatoid arthritis (excluded osteoarthritis)6.53
 breast cancer therapy61
 inflammatory activity of the underlying disease63
 severe disability form multiple sclerosis or other neurodegenerative conditions63
 Crohn’s disease5.51.5
 low grip strength5.51.5
 gastric bypass surgery5.52.5
Primary and secondary osteoporosis
 high risk of falls9.51
 lumbar spine BMD7.51.5
 dismobility syndrome62
Postmenopausal women
 spine fracture status100.5
 major height loss83.5
 early surgical menopause62.5
Nursing home patients
 functional status83
 spine fracture status100.5
Older adults
 functional/ambulatory status8.54.5
 medications (particularly psychotropic medications)83
 type 2 diabetes62
 Parkinson’s disease62.5
Close to treatment threshold
 lumbar spine BMD (for vertebral fracture prediction)81.5
 type 2 diabetes63.5
 trabecular bone score (TBS)5.53.5
 hip axis length (for hip fracture prediction)44
  1. Predictors fulfilling the consensus criteria are marked bold