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Table 4 Beliefs about strategies for managing for ‘gout’ and ‘urate crystal arthritis’. Data are shown as mean (SD)

From: The impact of the illness label ‘gout’ on illness and treatment perceptions in Māori (Indigenous New Zealanders)

 Gout-labelled illnessUrate crystal arthritis-labelled illnessP
Need for long-term medication6.7 (3.3)7.2 (2.7)0.24
Managing stress6.9 (2.9)7.0 (2.9)0.90
Regular exercise7.4 (3.0)7.1 (2.8)0.47
Stopping or restricting alcohol8.1 (2.8)7.0 (3.1)0.017
Changing to a healthy diet8.5 (2.6)7.3 (2.8)0.003
Using alternative medicine7.3 (2.9)7.1 (2.5)0.76
Losing weight7.2 (3.4)6.8 (3.2)0.42