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Table 1 Demographics and characteristics of national MCC calls, DMARD-related versus ROC

From: Real-world questions and concerns about disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs): a retrospective analysis of questions to a medicine call center

CharacteristicAll DMARDs
(n = 1547)
(n = 1269)
(n = 278)
(n = 121,709)
Gender of the caller (%)
Gender of the patient (%)
 Missing0.1< 0.1<  0.10.3
 Age of the patient53.63†53.62†52.74†46.82
 Mean (± SD) years(±17.76)(±17.89)(±17.44)(±23.75)
 Missing (%)0.45%0.39%0.36%
Relationship of the caller (%)
 Other family or friend5.6†4.7†10.5‡10.2
ARIA relative call frequency
 Highly accessible1.
 Moderately accessible0.390.390.380.32
 Very remote0.440.5900.73
 Missing (% of calls)
  1. ARIA The Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
  2. p < 0.05 versus ROC, with Bonferroni correction
  3. p < 0.05 versus cDMARDs