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Table 3 Dental characteristics of study individuals in the RA and control groups

From: The association between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease in a population-based cross-sectional case-control study

DefinitionRA groupControl groupPvalue
yes/no (% yes)
N = 126N = 2490.001
Number of remaining teeth22.4.624.54.30.001
Number of teeth with endodontic treatment3.
Number of peri-apical lesions0.
Root remnants0.
BOP % (present at ≥20% of sites assessed)24.522.621.816.80.24
Plaque score % (present at ≥20% of sites assessed)31.523.932.421.90.54
Number of sites with a PPD ≥ 5 mm3.
Bone level ≥ 5 mm at ≥30% sites examined radiographically (% sites)18.723.513.57.60.03
  1. PPD probing pocket depth, BOP bleeding on probing