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Table 2 Cases of antibody positivity by final diagnosis

From: Line blot immunoassays in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: retrospective review of diagnostic accuracy and factors predicting true positive results

IIM42/67 (62.7%)
 Only weak MSA/MAA9 (13.4%)
 Only strong MSA/MAA27 (40.3%)
 Both weak and strong MSA/MAA6 (9.0%)
CTD without IIM41/120 (34.2%)
 Only weak MSA/MAA13 (10.8%)
 Only strong MSA/MAA18 (15.0%)
 Both weak and strong MSA/MAA10 (8.3%)
Non-IIM/CTD38/155 (24.5%)
 Only weak MSA/MAA22 (14.2%)
 Only strong MSA/MAA13 (8.4%)
 Both weak and strong MSA/MAA3 (1.9%)
Any positive MSA/MAA across all diagnostic groups121 (35.4%)
  1. IIM idiopathic inflammatory myopathy, CTD connective tissue disease, MSA myositis-specific autoantibody, MAA myositis-associated autoantibody