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Table 3 Involved organs at disease onset and at the last follow-up, and the mortality rates

From: Elucidation of predictors of disease progression in patients with relapsing polychondritis at the onset: potential impact on patient monitoring

Onset Mortality rates (Death) Last follow-up Mortality rates (Death)
AO, 135 patients 5.9% (8)a ALb, 91 patients 3.3% (3)
BLb, 44 patients 11% (5)
RO, 48 patients 15% (7) RL, 39 patients 13% (5)
BLb, 9 patients 22% (2)
MO, 46 patients 15% (7)a AL, 26 patients 19% (5)
RL, 8 patients 0% (0)
BL, 12 patients 17% (2)
  1. aMortality rate was significantly higher in MO patients than that in AO patients (P = 0.048). bAL: patients with auricular without respiratory involvement at the last follow-up (Auricular-Last), RL: patients with respiratory without auricular involvement at the last follow-up (Respiratory-Last), BL: patients with both respiratory and auricular involvement at the last follow-up (Both-Last). MO patients demonstrated poor prognosis even without respiratory involvement, namely 26 MO-AL patients, at the last follow-up