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Table 3 Top 15 out of 27 different reasons for referral to non-pharmacological care (N = 324)

From: Room for improvement in non-pharmacological systemic sclerosis care? — a cross-sectional online survey of 650 patients

Referral reason (ICF terms)ICF codeN (%)
Body structures and functions
 Pain in body partb2801126 (38.9)
 Mobility of joint functionsb71093 (28.7)
 Functions of the cardiovascular system, other specified and unspecifiedb42975 (23.1)
 Functions of the skin and related structures, other specifiedb89867 (20.7)
 Muscle functions, other specified and unspecifiedb74959 (18.2)
 Neuromusculoskeletal and movement related functionsb730 (9.3)
 Emotional functionsb15227 (8.3)
 Energy and drive functionsb13016 (4.9)
 Weight maintenance functionsb53015 (4.6)
 Respiration functionsb44012 (3.7)
 Blood vessel functionsb41511 (3.4)
Activities and participation
 Self-cared515 (4.6)
 Hand and arm used44534 (10.5)
 Moving around in different locationsd46012 (3.7)
Personal and environmental factors
Assistive products and technology for personal use in daily livinge125111 (3.4)