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Table 5 Perceived quality of communication between patient, rheumatologist and HP, and outcome satisfaction with HP treatment (N = 324)

From: Room for improvement in non-pharmacological systemic sclerosis care? — a cross-sectional online survey of 650 patients

 Always/mostlyNever/ sometimesI don’t know
Perceived quality of communication
 Did your therapist, after your opinion, collaborate well with your rheumatologist?56 (17.3)158 (45.3)109 (33.8)
 How often did your rheumatologist and your therapist, in your opinion, make good agreements with each other?27 (8.3)214 (66.2)82 (25.4)
 How often did you think that the treatments and advices you received from your rheumatologist and your therapist were well tuned to each other?60 (18.5)162 (50.2)101 (31.3)
 How often was your rheumatologist aware of agreements you had with your therapist?106 (32.9)154 (47.7)63 (19.5)
Outcome satisfaction
 Did your therapist have sufficient knowledge and expertise to treat you?a240 (74.3)36 (11.2)47 (14.6)
 Could you improve your daily activities through the treatment of your therapist?a243 (75.2)80 (24.8)does not apply
 Can you deal better with your complaints through the treatment of your therapist?a243 (75.2)80 (24.8)does not apply
  1. aDue to missing values, N = 323