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Table 3 Topic guide

From: Patient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) as reorganized support for increased patient involvement – focus group discussions among patients’ with inflammatory arthritis

Opening question:
“What have your thoughts been about the new arrangements in your follow-up care?”
1: PIFUa – Patient Role
 How do you experience that your role as a patient has changed? Pro and cons?
2: PIFUa – Patient Value
 What are your expectations of needs that have to be met in follow-up care? What contributes to the feeling of being in control with your arthritis and treatment? E.g., what contributes to your feeling of being at the centre of decisions about treatment and needs?
3: Annual Nurse Consultation
 What is your experience of the consultation with a Registered Rheumatology Nurse (RRN)? E.g., what needs are met?
 How do you experience the setting? E.g., need for same nurse, the providing of PROM and PROM use and value?
  1. aPatient-Initiated Follow-Up