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Table 2 Causes of gout in films and television episodes in which causes were depicted (n=33 films and television episodes)

From: “An apple pie a day does not keep the doctor away”: Fictional depictions of gout in contemporary film and television

Cause of gout Total
Historical setting
Modern-day setting
Overindulgence of food and alcohol 20/33, 61% 8/14, 57% 12/19, 63% Alf Roberts: “Saying it’s all my own fault, eating the wrong food, drinking too much, carrying too much weight.” (Coronation Street, S1Ep3641, ITV)
Colleague of Dr Charlie Bradford: “Couldn’t you have laid off the red wine and overindulgence for one night?” (Doctors, S11Ep234, BBC)
Obesity 14/33, 42% 6/14, 43% 8/19, 42% Reginald Rodgers: “Mainly obese men with fatty rich diets.” (Gut punch, S1Ep1)
Mrs Wolowitz: “How can one little toe hurt so bad?”.
Howard Wolowitz: “Maybe because that little piggy is being crushed by the barn!” (The Big Bang Theory, S7Ep9, CBS)
Ageing 13/33, 39% 6/14, 43% 7/19, 37% Hank Hill: “Gout … that’s an old man’s disease.” (King of the Hill, S3Ep18, Fox Network)
Dana Scully: “Presbyopia’s a natural part of the ageing process. We’re all gonna go through it, Mulder. Just wait til you get gout. Gout!” (The X-Files, S11Ep9, Fox Network)
Biological 4/33, 12% 0, 0% 4/19, 21% Monica Geller: “Do you, or any of your blood relatives, have … gout?” (Friends, S9Ep22, NBC)
  1. aOne episode had two characters with gout, these were counted separately