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Table 3 Depictions of specific dietary associations with gout (n=10 films and television episodes)

From: “An apple pie a day does not keep the doctor away”: Fictional depictions of gout in contemporary film and television

Food/drink portrayed as triggers or causes of gout Food/drink portrayed as protective or recommended for gout
Alcohol Drink plenty of water
Apple pie Fish
Bacon Fruit and vegetables
Blood gravy Omelette
Champagne Salad
Chopped chicken liver  
Deli foods
Drinkable cheese
Lard cakes
Liver balls
Lung loaf
New York style food
Organ meats: kidney, hearts, liver
Preserved fish like anchovies or herrings
Red wine
Rich food
Skillet dripping
Smothered chicken fried bacon
Smothered chicken fried bananas
Smothered pork chops