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Table 4 Management of gout in films and television episodes in which management was depicted (n=22 films and television episodes)

From: “An apple pie a day does not keep the doctor away”: Fictional depictions of gout in contemporary film and television

Management strategy Total
Historical setting
Modern-day setting
Dietary management 8/22, 36% 3/3, 100% 5/19, 26% Doctor: “What you need to do is quit pumping your boy full of purine-rich foods.” (King of the Hill, S3Ep18, Fox Network)
Analgesia 7/22, 32% 0, 0% 7/19, 37% Howard Wolowitz: “I gave her enough pain meds to choke a … well, her.” (The Big Bang Theory, S7Ep9, CBS)
NSAIDs 3/22, 14% 0, 0% 3/19, 16% Dr Brenner: “Well, gout usually responds better to aspirin” (Off the Map, S1Ep10, ABC)
Urate-lowering therapy 1/22, 5% 0, 0% 1/19, 5% Dr Ellingham: “allopurinol … that’s a long-term solution.” (Doc Martin, S8Ep7, ITV)
Serum urate monitoring 1/22, 5% 0, 0% 1/19, 5% Dr Ellingham: “test your blood to see if you’d benefit from allopurinol” (Doc Martin, S8Ep7, ITV)
  1. aOne episode had two characters with gout, these were counted separately