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Table 1 Detailed review of published cases

From: Flare or foe? - Mycobacterium marinum infection mimicking rheumatoid arthritis tenosynovitis: case report and literature review

First author, yearTiming of onset of infectionClinical symptomsImmunosuppressive agents usedTreatmentOutcome
Böcher, 2002Not describedlivid nodules on hands, forearms, and feet, necrotizing skin ulcers, tendon rupture; feverMTXCPF, ETA, CLMClinical remission
Chopra, 20032 years after RA-diagnosiswrist swelling of the right handETNCLMClinical remission
Roddy, 20085 years after RA-diagnosiserythematous macules and papules. Following progression to pustules and fluctuant nodules, which both hands and armsMTXCPF, CLM,, DXCstill recovering
Hess, 2009Not describedright fourth digit was swollen and associated with fissuring and crusting; subcutaneous nodules on dorsal hand and forearmMTX, SSZ, INFAZM, ETA, TMTimprovement but still significant functional impairment of the finger
Danko, 200915 years after RA-diagnosiserythematous nodules on upper thighs and lower lipMTX, INFRAP, INH, PZA, ETANo new lesions
Caron, 2011Treatment over the previous 18 monthsInflammatory lesion on her right index and nodules on the ipsilateral forearmADACLM, MCClinical remission
Bakker, 2913Not describedErythematous livid papules and necrotic nodules on right hand and both legsMTX, ADAETA, CLMClinical remission
Papathemell, 2016Not describedsubcutaneous nodules on her legsLEF, AZAETA, CLM, RAPStabilization of the disease
  1. ADA adalimumab, AZA azathioprine, AZM azithromycine, CPF ciprofloxacine, CLM clarithromycine, DXC doxycycline, ETA ethambutol, ETN etanercept, INF infliximab, INH isoniazid, LEF leflunomide, MTX methotrexate, MC minocycline, PZA pyrazinamide, RFB rifabutin, RAP rifampicine, SSZ sulfasalazine, TMT trimethaprim