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Table 6 Univariate analysis to determine the risk of poor function y (MDHAQ Score,Simple Linear Regressions)

From: Racial disparities in pre-operative pain, function and disease activity for patients with rheumatoid arthritis undergoing Total knee or Total hip Arthroplasty: a New York based study

MDHAQ Scoreβ ± SEp-value
Minoritya (Yes)0.66 ± 1.030.53
Education (Some college +)− 0.19 ± 1.270.88
Medicareb0.12 ± 0.970.90
Medicaidb0.71 ± 2.150.74
Age−0.06 ± 0.040.065
Sex (Female)1.28 ± 1.240.30
Biologics (Yes)0.86 ± 0.840.31
  1. aMinority status: Black or African American, Hispanic or Mixed
  2. bRef commercial; see below for minority status definition
  3. Significant values are bolded
  4. MDHAQ Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire, β Beta Coefficient, SE Standard Error