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Table 3 Multivariable analysis for EQ-5D-3L scale

From: Weather sensitivity associated with quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia

Independent Variables B SE Beta P value R2
NRS −0.035 0.012 −0.344 0.004* 0.349
Weather sensitivity −0.106 0.040 −0.301 0.010*  
Welfare recipient     0.065  
Married     0.651  
  1. B, nonstandard regression coefficient; Beta, standardized regression coefficient; EQ-5D-3L Euro Quality of life-5 Dimensions-3 level, NRS Numerical Rating Scale, R2 Multiple correlation coefficient adjusted for degrees of freedom, SE Standard error
  2. These data were analyzed using multivariable analysis. Multicollinearity of the variables was also assessed (correlation coefficient < 0.9). EQ-5D-3L scale score was significantly associated with the NRS value and weather sensitivity in multivariable analysis. *Significance level was set at < 5%