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Table 1 Summary of Labs and Serologic Markers

From: A rare case of Polyarteritis Nodosa associated with autoimmune hepatitis: a case report

CBC within normal limits
BMP within normal limits
PT/PTT/INR within normal limits
dsDNA negative
Sm/RNP negative
Anti-SS-A, Anti-SS-B negative
ANCA negative
MPO negative
PR-3 negative
ACE negative
(HLA)-B51 negative
(HLA)-B52 negative
CCP negative
Cryoglobulins negative
C3, C4 within normal limits
RF 19 U/mL
ESR 105 mm/hr
CPK within normal limits
HIV negative
CMV negative
EBV negative
Parvovirus B19 negative
Lyme negative
Urinalysis Bland, no proteinuria