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Table 1 Registry inclusion / exclusion criteria

From: The BSR-PsA: study protocol for the British Society for Rheumatology psoriatic arthritis register

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Patients must … • Patients must not be …
Have a clinical diagnosis of PsA; Unable to communicate in English;
Meet CASPAR classification criteria for PsA [7]; Deemed, in any other way, unable to give informed consent;
Be aged ≥16 years; Managed in paediatric rheumatology services;
Be either: Currently taking a bDMARD / tsDMARD and not changing treatment;
 (a) Naïve to all bDMARD / tsDMARD agents; or Restarting a specific bDMARD / tsDMARD agent that they have received previouslya.
 (b) Starting a bDMARD / tsDMARD agent, approved for the treatment of PsA in the United Kingdom, having never previously received that particular druga.  
  1. aPatients are eligible if they are starting, or switching to, a biosimilar product even if they have previously had (i) the originator product, and/or (ii) a different biosimilar of the same product