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Table 2 Clinical data collection

From: The BSR-PsA: study protocol for the British Society for Rheumatology psoriatic arthritis register

Domain Items
General information Date of birth; gender; ethnicity; family history of PsA, psoriasis, and other relevant conditions.
Symptom onset and diagnosis Age at onset for joint disease, and skin disease, separately. Year that patient was first seen in rheumatology.
Joint disease 66/68 joint count.
Skin disease severity/phenotype Personal history of psoriasis. Current psoriasis: (a) phenotype: plaque, pustular (sub classified as palmoplantar pustulosis or generalised pustular psoriasis); and (b) severity: body surface area affected, static physician global assessment.
Nail disease Presence of nail disease: nail matrix (e.g. pitting); nail bed (e.g. onycholysis); hyperkeratosis.
Dactylitis Current swelling of an entire digit; count of involved digits; history of dactylitis.
Enthesopathy Leeds Enthesitis Index [8].
Physical measurements Height; weight; waist circumference; and blood pressure.
Comorbidities Diabetes; ischaemic heart disease; hypertension; hyperlipidaemia; statin use; fatty liver disease; history of malignancy; history of serious infection (infection resulting in hospitalisation, intravenous antibiotics); history of vasculitis; mental health.
Novel therapy exposure Past history of all bDMARDs and tsDMARDs, including start date, dose, stop date and reason for discontinuation.
Other current and recent therapies History of conventional synthetic DMARDs, steroids, NSAIDs, PUVA, and systemic therapies for psoriasis. Data recorded will comprise ever received therapy (yes/no); and, if applicable, calendar year.
A recent history (past 6 months) will also be taken, comprising start date, dose, and if applicable, stop date and reason for discontinuation. Information will also be collected on any relevant concomitant therapies for comorbidities.
Spinal involvement/imaging Evidence of (a) juxta-articular new bone formation; (b) any erosion; and/or (c) sacroiliitis, by plain x-ray or MRI.
(NB: No new images will be taken specifically for the BSR-PsA.)
Laboratory markers Recent measure of inflammation (C-reactive protein) from the date of clinic visit date ±4 weeks.
Baseline only: rheumatoid factor and anti-citrullinated protein (anti-CCP) antibody, if available.