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Table 2 List of outcomes for the GeVas registry

From: The Joint Vasculitis Registry in German-speaking countries (GeVas) – a prospective, multicenter registry for the follow-up of long-term outcomes in vasculitis

Demography / Consent
Initial manifestation / Relapse as defined by EULAR guidelines / Change of treatment
Comorbidity as outlined in the eCRF during initial manifestation and over the course of disease progression as defined by EULAR guidelines (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerotic vasculopathy, osteoporosis)
Vasculitis entity and formal diagnosis
Disease activity (as defined in 25)
Clinical manifestations related to active vasculitis features related to active vasculitis features (e.g. general symptoms, eyes, ENT, lung/chest, renal symptoms, PNS/CNS features etc.)
Laboratory tests e.g. CRP, ANCA etc.
Dialysis yes / no // renal transplantation yes / no
Treatment and response to immunosuppressive therapy (as defined in 25)
Frequency and types of infectious complications such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections
Occurrence of comorbidity during disease progression
Cancer yes/no
Pregnancy yes/no
Death incl. Date and cause of death
BVAS Score / BVAS items (BVAS: Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score)
VDI Score / VDI items (VDI: Vasculitis Damage Score)