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Table 2 Rheumatoid Arthritis Distress Scale (RADS) items and response options

From: Development of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Distress Scale (RADS): a new tool to identify disease-specific distress in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

1. I find it difficult to accept having RA
2. I feel that having RA has a big impact on me
3. I feel worried that having RA has a big impact on my family or friends
4. I feel worried that I might have to depend on family or friends in the future
5. I find it difficult to accept the impact my RA might have on my ability to work
6. I am concerned that my disease might not be well controlled
7. I worry about the long-term impact of my disease
8. I worry about having other long-term conditions in addition to my RA
9. I am worried about the impact of developing infections due to my low immunity
10. I am concerned that medication will not stop the disease progression (including joint damage)
11. I feel frustrated that there is no cure for RA
12. I feel distressed because of my RA pain
13. I feel frustrated because my RA symptoms limit my mobility
14. I feel irritated because my RA symptoms disrupt my sleep
15. I feel frustrated because of my fatigue associated with my disease
16. I feel frustrated because sleep does not relieve the fatigue I feel with my disease
17. I feel frustrated that my RA stops me doing what I want to do
18. I feel my energy is drained living with RA
19. I feel frustrated that I cannot do everything I used to be able to do/enjoy
20. I feel frustrated that I cannot do everything I would like to be able to do
21. I feel frustrated that I cannot be as physically active as other people my age
22. I feel distressed trying to manage my weight with having RA
23. I find it frustrating that people do not understand RA
24. I am concerned my RA will have an impact on my ability to look after others
25. I am frustrated that I do not have enough support to enable me to do a/my job
26. I feel a loss of purpose because I cannot work/work to the extent I used to due to my RA
27. I worry that having RA may affect my finances
28. I feel deflated about different RA treatments not working effectively for me
29. I am frustrated about the side effects of my treatment
30. I feel distressed with the regimen of collecting and managing my medication
31. I feel frustrated with the difficulty in accessing help from healthcare professionals e.g. accessing nurse help line
32. I am frustrated when clinic appointments are cancelled or rescheduled at short notice
33. I feel frustrated at the lack of continuity of my care e.g. seeing several different consultants
34. I worry that attending so many appointments for my RA impacts on my other commitments
35.I feel frustrated when healthcare professionals do not take enough time to assess my condition
36. I feel frustrated when healthcare professionals do not adequately explain test results or treatments to me
37. I feel frustrated that healthcare professionals do not ask how I am coping living with RA
38. I feel frustrated that I am not adequately supported or listened to by healthcare professionals
39. I feel overwhelmed living with RA
  1. When thinking about the level of distress living with RA may cause, how serious a problem is it? Response options are “Not a problem”, “Slight problem”, “Moderate problem”, Serious Problem” or “Very serious problem”