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Table 2 Overview of themes and sub-themes

From: Public perceptions of predictive testing for rheumatoid arthritis compared to breast cancer and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease: a qualitative study

Theme Subtheme Diseases discussed*
Decision-making factors influencing uptake of predictive testing Perceived severity of disease RA BC AD
Fear of being identified as at high risk BC AD
Treatability of disease RA BC AD
Family history RA BC AD
Family structure BC AD
Health attitudes RA BC
Upbringing RA BC AD
Comorbidities BC
Research RA BC AD
Occupation RA
Existing screening services BC
Media BC
Potential consequences of predictive testing Lifestyle modification RA BC AD
Future planning RA BC AD
Responsibility to Disclose Risk Information RA BC AD
Risk of discrimination RA BC AD
Psychological impact BC AD
Support BC
Self-learning RA
Early diagnosis BC
Information and support needs of consumers of predictive testing Test accuracy RA BC AD
Risk management RA BC
Communication of risk information RA BC
Support services BC
  1. *RA rheumatoid arthritis, BC breast cancer, AD Alzheimer’s disease