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Table 4 Recommendations from women with ARDs and health professionals for improving of care and support during pre-conception, pregnancy and early parenting

From: Identifying the unmet information and support needs of women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases during pregnancy planning, pregnancy and early parenting: mixed-methods study

Recommendations Women (survey and interview) Health Professionals
Information and communication Clear information on medication use during pregnancy planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding High quality written information: pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum and pre-conception counselling
  Patient-centered approach. More empowerment and involvement in decisions about medication The need for a patient-centered approach (shared decision-making) in consultations
Multi-disciplinary management Multi-disciplinary, proactive and better coordinated care (mainly rheumatology, obstetrics, fertility and mental health services) More training for health professionals such as health visitors, occupational therapists, and midwives about chronic conditions and their impact
Support Tailoring of professionally led mother and baby groups to ensure they are suitable for women with a chronic condition which affects mobility Psychological support provided more widely
Peer-support & information on the experiences of others in a similar situation. Provision of social care support
More practical support, such as agencies that can provide childcare and home help