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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Relapse rates after elective discontinuation of anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: a meta-analysis and review of literature

  Study characteristics
S.No Study Region Type of study Source of funding
1 Quinn et al., 2005 Europe (United Kingdom) Randomized controlled trial Not disclosed
2 Nawata et al., 2008 Asia (Japan) Observational/prospective Government
3 Brocq et al., 2009 Europe (France) Observational/prospective Not disclosed
4 Tanaka et al., 2010 Asia (Japan) Observational/prospective Government
5 van den Broek et al., 2011 Europe (Netherland) Randomized, multicenter, single blind Not disclosed
6 van der Maas et al., 2012 Europe (Netherland) Observational/prospective Not disclosed
7 Harigai et al., 2012 Asia (Japan) Observational/retrospective Government
8 Hirata et al., 2013 Asia (Japan) Observational/prospective Government
9 Smolen et al., 2013 Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia Randomized controlled trial Industry
10 Iwamoto et al., 2014 Asia (Japan) Observational/prospective Not disclosed
11 Kádár et al., 2014 Europe (Hungary) Retrospective, multicenter, cohort Government
12 Tanaka et al., 2015 Europe (Hungary) Observational/prospective Government
13 Moghadam et al., 2016 Europe (Netherland) Randomized controlled trial, multicenter, open label Government
14 NCT00808509 (ADMIRE) Europe (Sweden) Randomized, parallel group, open label Industry
15 NCT00858780 (DOSERA) Europe (Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) Randomized controlled trial, double blind Industry
16 NCT00858780 (DOSERA) b Europe (Denmark, Finland) Randomized controlled trial, double blind Industry