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Table 2 Enquiry types and motivations to call for DMARDs versus ROC

From: Real-world questions and concerns about disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs): a retrospective analysis of questions to a medicine call center

(n = 1547)
(n = 1269)
(n = 278)
(n = 121,709)
Enquiry type
 Risk/Benefit & comparison12.1†12.5†9.7‡8.3
 Mechanism / Profile9.5†8.415.8†‡7.0
 Indication & treatment10.510.510.811.9
 Dose & administration6.06.72.5†‡7.9
 Pregnancy & lactation2.9†3.1†1.8†8.6
 Cost and PBS access2.00.78.2†‡1.4
 Identification / Formulation1.91.24.7‡3.4
 Abuse and withdrawal1.41.50.4†3.4
 Outside service brief (e.g.
 poisons query)    
 Non-medicines issue0.60.51.12.
Motivation to call
 Inadequate information44.044.057.7†‡46.6
 Second opinion23.623.618.4†‡23.5
 Worrying symptom18.818.813.4†‡17.8
 Conflicting information6.9†6.9†1.7†‡~ 0
 Information overload2.
 Forgot information0.
 Health professionals0.
  1. PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, CMI Consumer Medicines Information
  2. p < 0.05 versus ROC, with Bonferroni correction
  3. p < 0.05 versus cDMARDs