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Table 1 Usual arrangements versus Patient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) in the rheumatology outpatient clinic

From: Patient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) as reorganized support for increased patient involvement – focus group discussions among patients’ with inflammatory arthritis

Care and services offered to patients with IAa
Treatment characteristic
1) Conservative or unlicensed medicine (p.o.b)
2) Licensed medicine (p.o., s.c.c)
3) Drug infusion
Model of follow-up care
UsualPatient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU)
Disease monitoringBlood testEvery 8–12 weeks
PROMd (DANBIO)eSelf-reported, on-site ahead of any consultation and/or drug infusion
Rheumatologist consultationTraditional medical consultation (15 min)Fixed, planned every third to fourth monthAnnual
Acute consultationSignificant waiting time (5–8 days)Usual rheumatologist within five working days or any rheumatologist within 1–2 days
Nurse-led clinicIndividual nurse consultation (45 min, approximately six months offset from the medical consultation)Not offered (NO)Annual nurse consultation; aiming to cover the patient’s knowledge of his/her actual situation, preferences and needs and includes screening for cardiovascular risk factors
Telephone supportDirect telephone to a nurse on weekdays from 1 to 3 pm and a secretary 8–12 am who can leave a message for a nurse or renew prescriptionsHotline, manned on weekdays 8 am to 3 pm by an experienced RRNf
Drop-in function (e.g. dispensing or administration of medicines and self-administration training)NOMedication pickup with an interval of eight weeks (e.g., prefilled syringes)NONOAs usualNO
Infusion room (Manned with 2–3 nurses on weekdays from 8 am - 3 pm)NONODrug infusion (30–60 min) administered by a nurse every 6–8 weeksNONOAs usual
Delegated tasks (e.g, I.M.ginjections, drug information, planning of treatment and laboratory test, infection detection)As usual
  1. Abbreviations: aIA rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, axial spondyloarthritis, bp.o per os, cs.c. subcutaneous, dPROM Patient-reported outcome measures, eDANBIO The Danish nationwide clinical register for patients with reheumatoid arthritis, fRRN Registered Rheumatology Nurse (educated between 1983 and 2005 with an average of 17 years of experience within rheumatology), gI.M. intramuscular, NO Not Offered