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Table 2 Correlation between EQ-5D-3L scale and the independent variables

From: Weather sensitivity associated with quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia

  Correlation coefficient P value
Age 0.083 0.512
Women −0.123 0.333
Body mass index −0.084 0.507
Married 0.224 0.076
Welfare recipient −0.313 0.012*
Weather sensitivity −0.438 < 0.001*
NRS −0.522 < 0.001*
  1. EQ-5D-3L Euro Quality of life-5 Dimensions-3 level, NRS Numerical Rating Scale
  2. These data were analyzed using the Pearson correlation coefficient test. The categorical variables included a dummy variable for analysis. The welfare recipient, weather sensitivity, and NRS value were significantly associated with EQ-5D-3L scale scores in the univariable analysis. *Significance level was set at < 5%